Meetup Events and their added value

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product tank meetup events

Sharing ideas and connecting with people is an endless source of knowledge and ideas. In our opinion, meetup events are great enablers for this. Another benefit is that it builds relationships easily. Also, it creates a mindset of communicating freely.

For example, last night Product Tank meetup was awesome. We had some great talks about expectations, tensions, and situations between engineering and product. The format was interactive and there was diversity in the panel. Meanwhile, the questions lead to some interesting answers and perspectives. 

Furthermore, the event had an awesome host. Adore Me has such a welcoming space, it is a lively crib. The ‘after party’ was insightful as well. We had valuable talks about processes, people, psychology, work situations, success, struggles, and behaviors. 

product tank meetup
Product Tank Meetup

Important points were raised

Always have a clear definition of what ‘done’ means for both sides. Above all, have a clear scope, short and long term. In order to scale, you need to share the knowledge with the teams.

Most of the times, the root cause of tensions are estimations. They aren’t accurate. And talking about them can cause anxiety, pressure, and lack of commitment.

Define the metrics that are important to look after in your teams. (ex: commitment to sprints, curiosity, adaptability). In addition, we must share business context with developers constantly. It will have a positive impact on their work.

Use engineering brain power to help the business cut costs. Furthermore, empower them in generating solutions. And make space for creativity and innovation.

Always think that changing a line of code can impact you in the next months. Look beyond the current state of your code. Reflect on how it will affect new functionalities or features in the future.

In any case, communication is essential in the relationship between POs and Devs. Have respect for each and one’s work. Talk honest and ask the right questions.

A new role as PM, Technical Program Manager or Scrum Master may seem useful. It can facilitate a healthy communication between Product and Engineering. In fact, it has the great responsibility of overviewing the present and future implications. This role will keep a clear road towards the vision.

We debated about many other things, but I will stop here. In conclusion, go to meetup events and get the best out of them. Try the experience. Involve in communities. Connect with people, learn from them and grow. It is especially relevant for us because it is one of the things that inspired us to do what we do at DOvelopers


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