Why did I become Agile Coach?

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agile coaching why did I become agile coach

Two and a half years have passed since I decided to start a new career challenge. I have intuited a field and a need that develops in the IT industry. The one of continuous learning and professional development.
So I chose this role of Agile Coach, in order to help software teams find a better way to work.

Since then, I have discovered  that there are three things that motivate me:

# The joy of working with people
# Developing the ability to understand systems and relationships
# The desire to have a positive contribution and impact in the industry they are part of

I met many passionate people and contributed to the community. Because of my decision, I redefined my career path to learning, research, and entrepreneurship. Which gives me much satisfaction and fulfillment.

A journey that goes on with DOvelopers now.

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