[Video interview] How can teams maximize productivity?

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interview with start-up.ro

Eduard had a wonderful time talking to Vlad Andriescu, Editor in Chief at start-up.ro. The interview was about how teams can maximize their productivity. We talked about Agile and software teams. In addition, we finished the talk with 3 things we learned from the past 3 years of entrepreneurship.   

Some snippets from the discussion:

2018 was a year in which we managed to grow.  Also from a client perspective as well. We worked with 4 companies in the past year. 

I left the startup area and worked with big companies. I joined a telecommunication project where we worked with the Digital Division. For instance, this was a more complex Agile transformation program. The main interaction was with the teams in the e-commerce area.”

“Companies usually call us after they grow up fast and need new working methods”.

The interview is in the Romanian language. You can read part of the transcript here: https://start-up.ro/video-interviu-cum-iti-faci-organizatia-sa-mearga-struna-si-eficient/ .

Watch the full interview in RO here:


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