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How to engage Students in learning Product Development

Web Technologies (WT) and Mobile Devices and Applications (DAM), two disciplines from Cybernetics Faculty (CSIE), have joint forces and are approaching learning in a practical and modern way.  More than 15 student teams have entered a competition where they must develop a software product and experience real-life development situations. Growing and building product teams is something we are passionate about. When we heard about this learning opportunity,  we were happy to get on board. Eduard is acting

How Agile transformed Testing

  Testing – the island of bugs and production failures, where products and apps crash after a long development trip. Any plan that defers testing to the end of the project is broken. Thankfully, this changed in the past decade, as software development embraced Agile as a mindset and consequently implemented agile development practices as a way of working.  Thus, having continuous feedback loops through implementation lifecycle and spotting those issues in proactively. Using concepts like CI

Ken Rubin – Agile Transition Lessons

There are some moments that happen once in a while, which brings value on the spot for you as a person. The AgileTalks #29 Meetup about Agile transition was one of those moments I am very grateful for. First of all, the one and only Ken Rubin was the speaker. He is the author of Amazon’s #1 best selling book Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process.  Ken is an Agile Thought Leader

Sprint Planning Tips

Sprint Planning is an important part of the Scrum framework.  The better the planning,  the more chances to succed in the goals your team commits to.  Check our video for more details and tips.   References to: Agile Methodology and Sprint Planning (Rules and Best Practices) How to prepare for Sprint planning well  

Happy Holidays and a Jolly 2017 Retrospective! ⛄

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  May the holiday’s spirit brings you the joy and energy you need. It is a perfect time to retrospect on your 2017’s  achievements. We also encourage you to think about what’s going to be the theme for the year to come. Take these 3 questions, get a cup of hot spiced wine and think about it: # what are you grateful for in 2017? # what is your theme

Press release about our story

  We recently gave a press release, talking about what DOvelopers means for us and how we see the current context in the industry. We are happy to share about the why what and how we approach learning in development teams.  There is a lot of energy, listening and empathy moments in our way of working. And that can be seen only in the live interactions as the writing it would have taken a lot of

From “responding to change” to “embrace uncertainty”

  Eduard, Founder DOvelopers, is constantly thinking about how the industry is evolving. Learning makes us more valuable than yesterday and it helps us embrace uncertainty rather than avoid it.  Below you can read a great article Eduard wrote on LinkedIn about this matter.    ” I’m happy to see leaders in Romanian software development company are taking the chance on innovation and product development.  I think it is to the benefit of all parties:

Why did I become Agile Coach?

Two and a half years have passed since I decided to start a new career challenge. I have intuited a field and a need that develops in the IT industry. The one of continuous learning and professional development. So I chose this role of Agile Coach, in order to help software teams find a better way to work. Since then, I have discovered  that there are three things that motivate me: # The joy of

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