Summer retrospective

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In 2016, we started at DOvelopers a journey of connecting, learning and growing together with our clients and collaborators. Three years forwards, we find ourselves in the summer of 2019, starting our summer retrospective by thinking how we grew as business and individuals and where we stand now.

Diving into the past projects and memories, we realised our work generates value because our approach is hands-on, focused and our attention is fully dedicated to the teams and companies we engage with.

As individuals, we explored new areas as teaching, UI/UX design, cloud services and programming, to grow our perspective and enrich our way of thinking.

Eduard is a skilled thinker and a man of action. I, Cristina, am practical and creative person. We both wanted to capture these reflections into something that we could easily come back to, reflect and improve upon.

Also, we wanted to be open about who we are now and what is our mission today. So what better way, than to bring up to date our website? Firstly, we agreed on having some key guidelines:

  • allocating only 1 month of work
  • we would stay on WordPress, to reduce complexity and be on time
  • use a responsive theme and make it look good on mobile
  • the content should reflect the retrospectives discoveries
  • the website should be functional and easy to navigate, rather than perfect
  • we would try new plugins and some css coding to learn something new

Secondly, I took a snapshot of the old version and started my way researching themes that would be reliable and customizable. We wanted to also have a sample of our products displayed in a nice way. And I also had an interest in discovering how to use the WooCommerce tool.

Some iterations and lots of coffee later, a new website was born with a fresh look.

In conclusion, transforming our summer retrospective into this project brought us joy. It was a great way to reflect and work in a manner that would bring value to DOvelopers.

We look forward to continue our journey and provide knowledge and expertise to fast-growing customers and help teams feel empowered and experience innovation.

If you enjoy our new look, let us know in a comment below!


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