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echipa personalized agile learning and coaching program press releaseechipa personalized agile learning and coaching program press release

We recently gave a press release, talking about what DOvelopers means for us and how we see the current context in the industry. We are happy to share about the why what and how we approach learning in development teams. There is a lot of energy, listening and empathy moments in our way of working.

You can check how the press release (in ro) was covered on and For the english, please check below our statements.

DOvelopers, the start-up that personalizes the agile learning experience for IT companies

Bucharest, October 10, 2017. Technology is evolving at an alert pace, and this requires an agile approach to software development. Dovelopers has launched to support those companies that become digital, which depend on the ability to use the intelligence and creativity of people in the IT industry to stay competitive in an extremely dynamic environment.

DOvelopers supports IT companies with personalized learning and coaching programs to help develop a productive working environment based on collaboration, agility, and continuous improvement. Specifically, in a series of workshops, topics such as working, planning, team reorganization, and improvement of face to face communication flows, or using modern technologies, are addressed.

DOvelopers’s strategy involves organic team integration, understanding the work ecosystem, clarifying team and business needs.

The conclusions of the integration and analysis period are discussed with all actors involved, implementing a participatory model of change, through which learning is integrated into daily activities.

We see a new dynamic in the IT industry, which involves moving from project management and resource allocation to product management. Customers want more business impact from the teams they work with. We move from the role of a contractor to partner for internal and external customers.

Every person has some valuable technical qualities, such as working methodology, understanding the business environment, and the ability to be innovative, which they capitalize on through collaboration.

We believe that a team is successful when the mission and goals of a project are transparent and communication bottlenecks are removed“, said Eduard Budacu, founder of DOvelopers and Agile Coach.

Companies investing in training expect to see changes in the organization, but there is a risk of not having the desired effect because employees are resuming their old work habits as soon as they come out of the learning space.

In this context, DOvelopers propose a model that integrates learning into the software development process.

Because it focuses on long-term programs and direct involvement in the project, the impact on work is becoming visible and the investment has a direct effect on the performance of the organization.

“We want to develop the company on the model of a community in which to attract industry experts, along with whom we will implement consultancy, mentoring and coaching programs. We are already active in groups in Bucharest, we participate in conferences and networking events, where we want to know passionate people who make things happen.

Practically, we help them define their area of expertise and find ways to monetize acquired knowledge”, concludes Cristina Pană, co-founder of the DOvelopers.

DOvelopers help IT companies make positive workflow changes to achieve high performance. The team consists of Eduard Budacu, Founder & Agile Coach and Cristina Pană, Co-Founder & Learning Facilitator. The company now covers three major categories of services: learning, coaching and process innovation for IT companies.


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