STATE OF SCRUM 2017-2018 Report

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STATE OF SCRUM 2017-2018 Report

Scrum Alliance, one of the largest certifying body in the Agile community, released an insightful report titled State of Scrum 2017-2018. This is an annual report which describes how the Agile transformation was seen across the world.

There were 2000 respondents, representing 27 industries, of which 97% say they will continue using Scrum. And 56% of respondents say the business world is facing a major agile transformation.

Have in mind that the success of Scrum and the forthcoming of Agile transformation is implemented and sustained by people and their wish to have better products, work experiences, and services around the world.

Last year we published a post about how Agile is still going strong and that it will grow within non-IT departments as well. We are happy to see this as a fact and a present reality.

STATE OF SCRUM 2017-2018 Report
DOWNLOAD REPORT – State of Scrum copyright Scrum Alliance Org.

Report Statements

The world of work is changing quickly, with new demands from both employees and consumers. The true power of Scrum and Agile is that they offer business outcomes that directly improve the bottom line financially, and also boost work culture, customer satisfaction, client loyalty, and product delivery along the way.

Active senior management sponsorship and support is the number one motivator to undertake an Agile transformation.

(…) alignment with the strategic goals of the organization as a whole was a significant motivating factor to undergo an Agile transformation.

Respondents listed fulfilling customer needs, improving time to market and reducing cycle time as the top business priorities for Scrum – all goals that can be achieved with smart Scrum scaling.

Support from senior management can make or break Scrum practice. This metric is reported as the most likely point of tension for Scrum teams, and the most important consideration for organizations adopting Scrum.

Organizations choose Scrum primarily to deliver more value to the customer. In this year’s survey, 85 percent of respondents say Scrum continues to improve quality of work life.


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