Retrospective Q1

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First three months of 2019 helped me realise that this year will be different. We had the time to finish up the projects we started in 2018. And to study the market and prepare for the next initiatives.

Our activity in the past years involved forming teams and creating a proper environment for people to collaborate. This need came from companies growth goals. And the desire to launch new or significantly improved products.

This year started with more uncertainty than before. From the exploration discussions we had with potential clients, there’s a sign that the strategy is changing.

The growth period seems to be followed by a time when teams must prove their effectiveness. Also, maintain customer satisfaction and keep systems in a perfect state of functionality.

At the same time, the new wave of technologies involving artificial intelligence, automation and data science is here. This give teams the opportunity to demonstrate their applicability that goes beyond the marketing presentations.

I’m finishing up this retrospective with a reference to the first principle from the Agile Manifesto. It states that the number one priority is customer satisfaction. This principle will remain valid in 2019, no matter the preference for a specific method or technology.

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