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The idea of rethinking change appeared while we did a review and retrospective on the past week work. It is something that we do on projects, we zoom in and out on our work, generate ideas and solutions that could be useful in achieving our commitment. It's a common saying, practice what you preach :).

The discussion took us back to a program we did in 2016 - 2017 with one of our clients, Adore Me, an e-commerce company (find out more details about them here). Their development center needed an external expertise to assess and refine the current process, with an agile approach.

We embraced the challenge and Eduard integrated in the team as Agile Coach. The program took approximately 14 months. We looked for inspiration in the Spotify engineering culture model, as it felt right for their context.  You can check the study case here.

The most important thing that sustained the transformation was the openness of the management body to accept that the process and team need improvement. And the way they saw the change as an opportunity to be better. It counted, even more, their CTO understood the importance of having a personalized blend of processes, technical approach, and infrastructure capabilities.

The main difficulty we encounter in these type of projects is resistance to change. Even though sometimes it is more than obvious that the current way of doing things is not working.
That is why the hardest work an Agile Coach or an Agile Consultant needs to do is making the team rethink the change from a spooky nightmare to a constructive experiment. And this takes a lot of listening, adaptation, action, and consistency.

There was a lot of effort invested from all sides, but the company scaled to another level and their work improved.
Rethinking change may seem complex, but the solution is discovering the common pains and desires and finding the middle ground where people can resonate with one and another in achieving a common goal.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. And this is so greatly explained in this TEDx talk I recommend watching.

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