From “responding to change” to “embrace uncertainty”

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You Are Here:From “responding to change” to “embrace uncertainty”


Eduard, Founder DOvelopers, is constantly thinking about how the industry is evolving. Learning makes us more valuable than yesterday and it helps us embrace uncertainty rather than avoid it. 
Below you can read a great article Eduard wrote on LinkedIn about this matter. 


” I’m happy to see leaders in Romanian software development company are taking the chance on innovation and product development. 

I think it is to the benefit of all parties: customers, company, and employees. Being able to work on a higher purpose and provide much value rather than be a resource on a project. This will grow the industry to the next level.

It definitely needs a lot of courage to take risks and embrace uncertainty. You are no longer protected by “clear requirements”, “change request management”, and “strict process”.

You fail and openly admit you don’t know. But you are committed to learn and grow. To connect with your customers and provide value.

We are grateful to be helpers for those who feel the call to adventure. And humble because they are making the hard work. This are the thoughts that led me to start DOvelopers and work with passionate people that make things happen. “

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