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productivity in it
You will not get productivity leaps in your company if all you do is send people to time management courses. And request them to report activity or strictly control the processes.

No matter how much you rely on resource efficiency, you will be hit by a problem of capacity. In one day of work, an employee is able to make a sustained intellectual effort for several hours. The rest of the time is allocated for meetings, organizing, socializing and learning activities.

I have gone through a bunch of personal efficiency, planning, and time management methods. Some of them have had results. Nevertheless, the improvement has been several percents.

We have never achieved an improved 3x, 5x or 10x performance to justify the effort. So I took a break from looking for obsessive efficiency and productivity. And I focused on increasing the value I bring.

The first step was to resign and get out of the production area to focus on research. The year 2015 was one of personal redefinition for me. I focused on the study and ways to monetize the knowledge gained through training and consultancy programs as DOvelopers.

Very beneficial was the experience from 2performant (formerly 2parale) where I learned about product thinking. We have found that an important principle for increasing productivity is reuse. If I think of my work as a product, I have the opportunity to configure and improve it according to the customer’s needs.

Then I began to think more about the impact I have and not just the output they produce.

In the long run, it is in vain to solve lots of daily tasks if, in the end, the effort is not useful. Better stop, drink a good coffee and think about what can be improved in your product.

From these experiences, I have learned that the leap of productivity comes from the ability to deliver high value-added services that involve innovation and the ability to implement creatively disruptive technologies in the industry you choose.

I have already discovered the methods to make the execution work. Therefore, my motto from now on is: Think 10x!


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