Value Stream Mapping


What will I learn?

Value stream mapping is a continuous improvement technique used to generate beneficial  system-wise changes. This is a practical workshop dedicated to teams that are looking to assess their current way of delivering products and generate solutions to solve pain points or blockers. During this session, you will be able visualise the end-to-end process, identify improvements and eliminate waste.


The workshop  is 15% theory, 55% practice, and 30% debriefing. The theory part consists of understanding what a Value Stream is, the principles that stands behind and how mapping works (concepts, tools, etc.).

The practical part consists engaging actively, assessing a delivery flow by mapping out the entire stream and adding the necessary details to it (process, tools, capacity, metrics, etc). Facilitation techniques will be applied in order to generate awareness and common understanding. By the end of the workshop, the team will be able to create improvements actions that they can  follow-up and implement after the workshop.



This workshop is available for tech and non-tech teams.

SEATS AVAILABLE:  from 6 up to 12 participants

DURATION:  2 days (14 hours)

AVAILABLE:  for in-house workshop upon request




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