Agile Consultancy

We believe it is important to have a personalized and flexible approach. Learning is most effective when is integrated in the way of working.  


We define together and agree on the scope of the assignment. Inputs and data will be collected and analyzed, in order to generate insightful reports. And generate action towards achieving the scope.

We take into account the company culture, business goals, roles and organization structure. Also we measure team capacity, processes, practices, metrics and communication flows.

Having a dedicated Agile Coach helps to keep the focus on goals. And it brings external expertise and makes sure all stakeholders are involved. We apply a range of tools and practices from agile and lean. Also, we address bottlenecks and ensure the realization of business, teams and customer value.


Why work with us

As Agile Coaches we deploy various techniques of teaching, mentoring and coaching. All to help teams reflect on their interactions and gain new skills to improve their work.

We are present during the day to day activities to support real-life situation. We work in digital environments and can support IT and operational teams. Our approach is hands-on, focused and authentic.

Our previous work has shown us that it takes a minimum 3 months to experiment, measure and learn from a new way of working. Average period it takes to see the impact in production is 6 months.



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