May 7, 2018



Open Scrum is an initiative with the purpose of creating learning opportunities for the community. Each workshop will address a specific technical or non-technical topic with the help of trainers or specialists. Trainers can share your experience and practice public speaking, while the participants can connect with peers and learn in a cool place.


School of Scrum is a learning framework based on Scrum methodology, organized on 2 specific tracks: Scrum Mastery and Product Management. The learning journey is based on goal setting, continuous improvement, and value-driven interactions. You will be guided and have the support of the School of Scrum Coaches.


JSLeague is an intensive online & offline program with hands-on workshops designed for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead. We offer hands-on workshops & trainings custom made for your company’s needs + expert trainers delivering both technical and soft skills based on JS technologies.

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