April 11, 2019


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Having Eduard with us was essential for our transformation into a healthy agile ecosystem.
He moved our attention from process to interactions. With him we explored for the first time things like feedback, trust, respect and real team work. These things are fundamental for both high quality software and highly engaged engineers. He helped us move from component teams to feature teams, and coached into solving the big dilemmas of multi-team scrum. We could do without the dad jokes, but they come with the package .

MĂDĂLINA CHELMUȘ Scrum Master Raiffeisen Bank Romania

The workshop helped me learn more about Scrum framework and to clarify some issues that were unclear before. The information was well structured, the examples and the exercises were very well chosen, thus facilitating an easier understanding of the new concepts. Trainers created a relaxed and pleasant environment being in the same time focused on our goal: to learn more and get prepare for the certification.

BOGDAN ARON Chief Product Officer 2Performant

We have worked with Eduard for a 4 months agile coaching program. Eduard had integrated in the team with the role of Scrum Master facilitating daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning and sprint retrospective.

JASSON MICHAUD Founder AppSmith Solution

We knew that we could do things better in terms of processes and communication so we asked for some help. We reached out to Dovelopers, which was the smart thing to do.

From that point everything was easy. They asked the right questions, knew what we needed, what we would like to accomplish and they made a custom plan that would help us reach our objectives. The best thing was the fact that our team liked Cristina and Eduard and felt that they are easy to work with (we think that made a difference). Now we feel that we are on the right path thanks to them.

We would strongly recommend them to any company or business that know they can do things better and need some help and guidance.

ANDREI GIGIRTU Former Head of Software Business AdoreMe

Eduard had the eye opening type of impact on me and my team as he thought us the subtle buts effective habits of Agile. From him I learned the power of meaningful questions and the art of staying an observer in crucial and tense moments. Combining professional, team coaching with personal coaching techniques truly, helped me overcome my challenges.

GABRIEL UDRESCU Product Owner BestValue

The collaboration with Eduard Budacu and Cristina Manuela Pană (ie DOvelopers) gave a reset for many very low level stuff. For the simple reason that they have shown me it is possible and can be done :). 

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