OpenScrum: what’s happening in June?

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We are preparing some great stuff in June at OpenScrum learning space. We thought that after a short holiday at the end of May, there is enough energy to learn and connect with awesome people. So, buckle up, check what is in store for you and register!

Scrum Coaching Exchange

This is for all of those Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters out there, that dedicated the last years of their life in making software teams be happier / efficient/ better / productive / [insert here other nice words] ...

We are looking to get together some great minds to discuss challenges they have and hopefully connect the dots and find solutions. It is not guaranteed, but at least you will get to know awesome people and create a network of Agile Professionals.

Some details about the event:
# the first round is facilitated by Eduard Budacu, our Agile Coach
# only 8 seats are available, to make sure we have a meaningful interaction and some helpful insights
# this is happening on 9th June (Saturday), from 10 AM
# it may take up to 3 - 4 hours, official closing is at 1 PM
# location, location, location: our place, in Piata Victoriei, Sos. Nicolae Titulescu nr 1 (map)
# there is a 13 € (60 lei) fee for this event, in order to cover a consistent coffee break and logistics for the event.

Scrum Coaching Exchange is an in-depth retrospective + sharing know-how + networking session. The purpose is to take with you some ideas to experiment, some new connections and energy for work. For sure you will laugh and vent some stuff, all in all, it is worth a try :).


Join our OpenScrum event in June

Product Metrics

This workshop is dedicated to all the Product Managers, Product Owners and Project Managers out there, with at least 1 - 3 years of experience in software development teams. If you are looking to refresh or update your knowledge about metrics, analytics, product management or how to measure product, save your seat asap.

Some details about the event:
# our trainer is Valentin Simion, he is a master in managing product teams, define metrics and measuring product progress and delivery.
# only 8 seats are available, to optimize and maximize the learning experience
# this is happening on 16th June (Saturday), from 9AM to 5:30 PM
# workshop locatio: our place, in Piata Victoriei, Sos. Nicolae Titulescu nr 1 (map)
# our early bird fee is 150 € until 28 May
# we cover the breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks

We want to talk more about product development, product roles and other learning points that bring awareness and know-how about this topic. Therefore, Product Metrics opens up a series of workshop that will follow-up on this matter. Save your seat, discover the world of a Product Person and connect with peers!


Join our Product Metrics workshop in June

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