SCRUM: the good , the bad, the ugly

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openscrum participants

Scrum: The Good. The Bad, The Ugly was an interactive OpenScrum workshop, where we shared personal stories about Scrum implementations. The purpose was to create an open space setup, in order to learn from each other. We debated and talked about the ups and downs of using agile practices and how to improve.

OpenScrum is an initiative with the purpose of creating learning opportunities for the community. Each workshop will address a specific technical or non-technical topic with the help of trainers or specialists from the IT industry.

openscrum participants
OpenScrum Participants

The workshop had three meeting rounds. Afterwards, we gathered the participants on a dedicated Slack channel. It is a great space to share news, tools and concepts we come across. Eduard Budacu was the event facilitator and had a storytelling moment about his journey in Agile and Scrum.

Our participants deserve a round of applause for being present. Your feedback was appreciated and your ideas most welcomed.

openscrum participants
OpenScrum Participants

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