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There are some moments that happen once in a while, which brings value on the spot for you as a person. The AgileTalks #29 Meetup about Agile transition was one of those moments I am very grateful for.

First of all, the one and only Ken Rubin was the speaker. He is the author of Amazon’s #1 best selling book Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process.  Ken is an Agile Thought Leader and you can find out more about his experience, current business and lots of resources here .

Ken talked about Agile transition lessons, how he approached these projects and what to have in mind when starting a transformation like this. His presentation is recorded, the video will be up soon, just check the event page for it and subscribe to the community as well while you're at it :).

What we took away from his experimented wisdom:

# Agile transition starts from Agile Mindset - if the mindset is not understood the changes of succeeding lowers, no matter the solutions approached.

# Outcome versus Output - measure the success through outcomes and let outputs contribute to that. Measure meaningful results that impact your business.

# Agile benefits are real - and this is real feedback from the market (check Annual State of Agile Report by Version One here).

#Transition cost and commitment - well, nothing is for free, especially change. The cost generated by an agile transformation is worth it if backed up by management layers. External expertise is valuable and effective,  but without management commitment and engagement it would not be sustainable.

# Start small, go 360 - it is not enough to go Agile only with the Development Unit. To quote Ken: "To fully realize the benefits of agile, companies must embrace agile throughout the value chain. Failing to do so will provide only limited benefits from its use within the development organization."

These are some few of the things I learned, I am sure the video presentation will be an eye-opener. Also, you can find more pictures in the event link.

Many thanks to The Bucharest Agile Software Meetup Group for organizing valuable meetups.
Many thanks to Ken, for sharing his knowledge and experience.

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