Introducing Claudiu Draghia

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Introducing Claudiu Draghia

Claudiu Draghia is a passionate advocate and a continuous learner of quality testing and software development, with over 14 years of experience in making things happen in software testing. He worked with different companies, from in-house projects to outsourcing, and has used various tools and methodologies in his work. His last role for several years was Quality Manager, but at heart, he told us he is still a passionate tester.

Claudiu is involved in the local community and has built several projects like The Testing Map / Testing Challenges / Review Requirements / Measures / Mnemonics / Testing is / Testers do / Managing Teams / Get the agile values feeling. He participated in several local and international events and conferences as a speaker. You can check more of his work on his blog.

Claudiu has a deep understanding of Agile philosophy and methodologies. Together, we are focused on helping the testing teams to improve, offering our support in learning and setting up strong testing frameworks and processes.

We strongly believe that we can have a visible impact on growing the testing abilities and mindset within software teams. 


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