How to engage Students in learning Product Development

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Web Technologies (WT) and Mobile Devices and Applications (DAM), two disciplines from Cybernetics Faculty (CSIE), have joint forces and are approaching learning in a practical and modern way.

More than 15 student teams have entered a competition where they must develop a software product and experience real-life development situations. Growing and building product teams is something we are passionate about. When we heard about this learning opportunity,  we were happy to get on board.

Eduard is acting as an Agile Coach and tech advisor on web technologies for the teams. He is guiding the teams on how to implement Agile methods, techniques, and tools. In the meantime, the teams can work from DOvelopers office, if they need a space to get together.

One of the first insights is that 95% of the teams are implementing Scrum. The great news is that they have the chance to win 2 Scrum Certifications (Scrum Master & Product Owner). Based on their planning, implementation, and execution, DOvelopers will select the 2 winners.

The product development wave is currently blooming in Romania software industry. The CSIE initiative is an opportunity for students to be prepared and competitive as software developers. More so, both WT and DAM have amazing teachers who are up to date with current software development technologies and practices. 

Check out the program summary below and keep an eye on our blog or social media channels for news on this topic!

Program Summary

Teams must build a quiz app. The app will test the students’ knowledge during seminars and courses and will support the teacher in his activity. As a reference, check
In order to reduce dependencies and speed up the learning curve,  the students start the journey with a pre-defined product with detailed specifications and milestones. Their focus is more on learning:

# about product mindset and user experience
# web and mobile technologies 
# Scrum / Kanban methods and tools (ex: Jira Atlassian)
# how to build a functional native Android app (MVP).


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