Retrospective, a crash course about the concept

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This year starts with a great news! We managed to release our first online course about Retrospective in Agile.  The crash course has 4:48 minutes and is presented by Eduard, Founder DOvelopers, and Agile Coach.

He shares what is a retrospective and why it is good for a business. Eduard also adds some tips on how to implement the method. In conclusion, we hope you will enjoy it and find it insightful or helpful.

To see the course, you must first register into Startarium platform. You will find a lot of great other resources and videos that can be of value.


This opportunity came to us as an invitation from Startarium. They made possible the realization of this course. We are happy we worked together on this . Startarium is a platform full of resources and events for entrepreneurs and businesses, made by Impact Hub & ING Bank.

Previously, we shared our thoughts on the retrospective practice here.  


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