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Engaging students in product development

Last year we wrote a blog post regarding a cool academic initiative developed by the Cybernetics Faculty (CSIE). Students from the senior year were invited to form teams and build a product during the first semester using Web and Mobile technologies. This March Eduard had the opportunity to share the results of the competition during BucharestJS #EduTech Meetup. The winning team is call FullStackers. A 5 team members that managed to develop and deliver a

Dovelopers lansează, în premieră pentru România, primul studiu despre Agile

Cum influențează metodologia Agile comunitatea de software din țara noastră. București, 9 aprilie 2019 – În contextul uneia dintre cele mai prolifice industrii ale momentului în România, cea de IT&Software, DOvelopers a analizat modul în care companiile de IT din țara noastră aplică bune practici, dar și care sunt interesele comunității de software. În analiza conturată de DOvelopers au fost incluse companiile cu peste 5 de angajați și care depășesc cifra de afaceri de 50.000

[Video interview] How can teams maximize productivity?

  Eduard had a wonderful time talking to Vlad Andriescu, Editor in Chief at The interview was about how teams can maximize their productivity. We talked about Agile and software teams. In addition, we finished the talk with 3 things we learned from the past 3 years of entrepreneurship.    Some snippets from the discussion: “2018 was a year in which we managed to grow.  Also from a client perspective as well. We worked with

The new year is about…

  At the end of last year, we took a moment to reflect on how was 2018 for us. It was mostly about courage, action, and learning. And each new beginning of the year finds us thinking on a few words that describe how our approach will be for what is to come. Transitioning between these periods, we also realized that we are embracing strongly one of the Agile Principles.  Simplicity–the art of maximizing the

Launching the Agile Survey in Romania

We want to feel the pulse of Agile within the industry and find out people’s perception of this subject. This is why we are launching a national survey. The questionnaire measures the impact of Agile methodology within organizations that have adopted it as a working method. We aim to discover the most used methods, techniques, and tools. We are also looking at learning practices and other initiatives implemented in teams/organizations. If you are a Scrum

How to engage Students in learning Product Development

Web Technologies (WT) and Mobile Devices and Applications (DAM), two disciplines from Cybernetics Faculty (CSIE), have joint forces and are approaching learning in a practical and modern way. More than 15 student teams have entered a competition where they must develop a software product and experience real-life development situations. Growing and building product teams is something we are passionate about. When we heard about this learning opportunity,  we were happy to get on board. Eduard is acting

Don’t Hold Back Your Daily Scrum Meetings

  Sometimes the daily scrum meetings get a bad rap, some argue it’s an outdated practice and a waste of time. This is not your classical article about how a daily scrum is structured. If you need that, Mike Cohn explains it very well here.  It’s rather about why this ritual is important and what can it prevent.   Those 15 minutes of sync and alignment, about what the team needs to work on and clear out misunderstandings

Introducing Claudiu Draghia

Claudiu Draghia is a passionate advocate and a continuous learner of quality testing and software development, with over 14 years of experience in making things happen in software testing. He worked with different companies, from in-house projects to outsourcing, and has used various tools and methodologies in his work. His last role for several years was Quality Manager, but at heart, he told us he is still a passionate tester. Claudiu is involved in the local community

12th annual State of Agile Report released

VersionOne recently released the 12th Annual State of Agile Report. It is an insightful report on Agile trends, best practices and lessons learned. The pool of respondents is worldwide and the data is extracted visually (graphs and numbers). There is a great balance between the expectations of adopting Agile and how the benefits live up to them. The top 4 reason and benefits that match are: increasing the delivery speed/time to market, manage better changing

Retrospective, a crash course about the concept

This year started great for us! Because we managed to release our first online course about Retrospective in Agile.  The crash course has 4:48 minutes and is presented by Eduard, Founder DOvelopers, and Agile Coach. He shares what is a retrospective and why it is good for a business. Eduard also adds some tips on how to implement the method. In conclusion, we hope you will enjoy it and find it insightful or helpful. RETROSPECTIVE

STATE OF SCRUM 2017-2018 Report

Scrum Alliance, one of the largest certifying body in the Agile community, released an insightful report titled State of Scrum 2017-2018. This is an annual report which describes how the Agile transformation was seen across the world.There were 2000 respondents, representing 27 industries, of which 97% say they will continue using Scrum. And 56% of respondents say the business world is facing a major agile transformation. Have in mind that the success of Scrum and

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