January 8, 2018


To do lists and the death of passion in IT. Part Two.

Welcome back to the second part of the To do list blog post 🙋‍♂️. Last time I mentioned about my rediscovery of data structures that felt like a breath of fresh air. If you haven’t read the first part, you can check it out here: https://www.dovelopers.com/to-do-lists-and-the-death-of-passion-in-it-part-one Tree structures are specific to project management oriented towards objectives. A software product can be modeled from a specific objective, that defines a problem,or a requirement. For which a

To do lists and the death of passion in IT. Part One.

I don’t recall meeting someone that works in IT not mentioning about managing long to do lists. I remember being in the same situation in 2014. In those times I was testing so many productivity systems. And list management became the preferred one among my colleagues. Meanwhile, complexity appeared and it transformed into a list of lists of to do. Every discussion about time management became a new list. Each interaction a recording of sorts.

Strategic learning in Scrum teams

While dealing with the increasing complexity of software development, teams need the ability to gain new skills while they work. Fortunately Scrum has some embedded learning with the feedback loops that take the form of Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. But this kind of learning is more tactical. Meaning it addresses short term challenges, extracting lessons learned and acting upon improving immediately in the next sprint. For example, in the Agile in Romania Study we

Engaging students in product development

Last year we wrote a blog post regarding a cool academic initiative developed by the Cybernetics Faculty (CSIE). Students from the senior year were invited to form teams and build a product during the first semester using Web and Mobile technologies. This March Eduard had the opportunity to share the results of the competition during BucharestJS #EduTech Meetup. The winning team is call FullStackers. A 5 team members that managed to develop and deliver a

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