January 8, 2018


Astăzi, în industria IT, disponibilitatea te face mai valoros decât un angajat

(Please scroll until the end of the article for the English version, thank you!) Ce se întâmplă în momentul de față pe piața forței de muncă din România și în particular în industria IT reprezintă o criză semnificativă de personal. Cererea este mult mai mare decât oferta, ceea ce impune presiune pentru angajatori să crească salariile, să găsească metode noi de compensare cu beneficii, să își diversifice strategia de recrutare și să își definească un

Don’t Hold Back Your Daily Scrum Meetings

  Sometimes the daily scrum meetings get a bad rap, some argue it’s an outdated practice and a waste of time. This is not your classical article about how a daily scrum is structured. If you need that, Mike Cohn explains it very well here.  It’s rather about why this ritual is important and what can it prevent.   Those 15 minutes of sync and alignment, about what the team needs to work on and clear out misunderstandings

How Agile transformed Testing

  Testing – the island of bugs and production failures, where products and apps crash after a long development trip. Any plan that defers testing to the end of the project is broken. Thankfully, this changed in the past decade, as software development embraced Agile as a mindset and consequently implemented agile development practices as a way of working.  Thus, having continuous feedback loops through implementation lifecycle and spotting those issues in proactively. Using concepts like CI

Rethinking change

  The idea of rethinking change appeared while we did a review and retrospective on the past week work. It is something that we do on projects, we zoom in and out on our work, generate ideas and solutions that could be useful in achieving our commitment. It’s a common saying, practice what you preach :). The discussion took us back to a program we did in 2016 – 2017 with one of our clients, Adore Me, an e-commerce company (find out more details about

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