Our Guidelines

Provide business value

Help companies and teams to grow and succeed.

Sustainable autonomy

Free to act on one's decisions if it is sustainable and generates value.

Action towards knowledge

Practice each learning step so it can become knowledge.

Be authentic

Be authentic and stay true to yourself. Remind yourself to be human.

Do good

Be kind, share and support the software community

Connect. Learn. Grow.

DOvelopers was first an idea of connecting with software developers and professionals that are passionate about what they do.

It all started in 2014, when Eduard Budacu recorded a series of interviews under the name DOvelopers (developers that do things, who make things happen). Meanwhile, he was an Agile Practitioner and continuously deepen his know-how.

Eduard soon realised DOvelopers can become more, an environment where programs and services can be created to support teams and companies from the IT industry.

In 2016, Eduard Budacu and Cristina Pana co-founded the legal entity. We started a journey of connecting, learning and growing together with our clients and collaborators.

Knowledge and Expertise
for Fast-Growing Companies

Learning is equally important for companies, people and machines to be successful in times of change. And to stay competitive as we progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We seek to help software development companies to create a productive working environment. We do this by designing and delivering personalised learning, assessments and Agile coaching programs to sustain tech companies’ growth.

We aim to enrich people's experience in Agile practices.

We help software teams feel empowered and experience innovation, in a connecting environment. Our mindset when interacting with teams and individuals is of collaboration, adaptation, transparency, and continuous improvement. 

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