December 8, 2016



Learning is equally important for companies, people and machines to be successful in times of change. And to stay competitive as we progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

DOvelopers is developing a community of professionals that sustains the growth of the Romanian IT sector. And brings a positive impact in people's life. We are about passionate people who make things happen.
Our mission is to help software development companies to create a productive working environment. All of this based on collaboration, agility, and continuous improvement.

DOvelopers provides personalized learning and coaching programs to sustain tech companies' growth. We aim to enrich people's experience in agile practices.

Find out more about us, let's meet!


Provide business value

helping companies to grow and succeed 

Action towards knowledge

practice each learning step so it can become knowledge

Sustainable autonomy
free to act on one's decisions while generating value
Do good
give back, be kind, share with others
Authentic people
be authentic and remind yourself constantly to be human



I'm passionate about software development, agile teams & personal growth.

DOvelopers is my personal challenge to meet as many people in the Romanian software industry. To work with them, learn with them and have fun. I started learning PHP by myself while in highschool and got to do freelance websites. Finishing college and masters was quite a challenge because I had to work full-time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both and now I'm back in the academia doing research on agile methodologies.

IT is a great industry to work in Romania. And I feel we can do more. This is the reason why I founded DOvelopers. So that we can connect, learn and grow the industry to the next level. Doing creative work, awesome projects and have a positive impact on people's life. Looking forward to getting in touch!


A major role in wanting to do good has to do with AIESEC while I was doing my volunteering work. I managed different projects and was part of many international interactions. Most noteworthy things learned from my experiences were: teamwork, networking, public speaking skills and project management. Afterwards I started the journey in the business world. With a strong packed luggage I went straight to the account management and business development area. From there I enriched myself with life experiences that made me stronger, wiser, better person. Therefore I decided to make a step in the entrepreneur and learning & development world.

I wish through DOvelopers to do good everyday and to contribute to people's growth, learning and support them in practicing what they love. 
I am Cristina, a passionate person who makes things happen.

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